Jeremy Castro Baguyos - Double Bassist and Computer-mediated Sound Artist

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Arts Innovation at the intersection of tradition and technology 


Artist Statement:  In both composition and performance, I endeavor to consider and pursue the possibilities that no one has considered, either because they didn't think to do so or they refuse or are afraid to do so. I don't seek answers in my work and neither should the audience. Neither do I try to communicate a specific meaning. However, I hope that the audience may find some. I hope to raise questions that otherwise would not be asked, and if someone feels a little bit better after an encounter with my art in any of its forms, I can safely say that I have done my job as an artist. If the audience reacts uncomfortably, then I can safely say that I have accomplished a public service. 

"processed and distributed over 8 channels . . . . .  the human voice continues to sizzle throughout the piece, quite prominent extreme stretchings and resamplings provide a hallucinatory, alienating sound environment" 
----- review from ORGETUIGE / SKYNET.BE, Week van de Hedenaagse Muziek in Gent, March 2012 

“Goelle Leandre’s vocal techniques are the source of Jeremy Baguyos’s Balancoire No. 15. An arresting and highly original work. . . . . Another standout in the program was Jason Bolte’s Forgotten Dreams, with a great performance by double bassist Jeremy Baguyos.”
-----Spencer Toppel/Jon Appleton, Review from ARRAY, journal of the International Computer Music Association (2008)

"A number of extended techniques (behind the bridge playing, sul ponticello, and glissandi) were well executed by Baguyos. . . . . The contrabass playing was impressively in tune, residing mostly in high thumb positions."
-----Review by T. Levin from KCMETROPOLIS.ORG, Kansas City's Online Journal of the Performing Arts (February 2011)

"I would like to congratulate you on getting some music technology going in Nebraska."
-----Max Matthews (March 2011)