Jeremy Castro Baguyos - 21st-Century Double Bassist and Academic

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Favorite Links

Computer Music & Synthesis Links

Indiana University (Bloomington) Electronic Music Textbook

draft of Miller Puckette's textbook on Computer Music (Get it while you can!!)

Digital Filters by JULIUS O. SMITH III (CCRMA)

Engineering Toolbox


cycling74 (the company that makes Max/MSP/Jitter)

PD (Pure Data)

instrument samples database from Univ. of Iowa

Stanford Computer Music Packages for Mathematica

International Computer Music Association

Peabody Computer Music of the Peabody Institute of Johns Hopkins University

Indiana University Center for Electronic and Computer Music

Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics | CCRMA - Stanford University

Columbia University

University of Illinois

Music Technology at University of Nebraska at Omaha

Computer Music Journal (MIT Press)

Computer Science / Information Science Links

How Stuff Works

How to . . . . . . . . . .

Programmer's Heaven


Javascript Kit

w3 Schools

MIDI and Audio Recording Links

Berklee Shares

Pro Tools Tutorials from Berkeley (CA)

Jeep Jazz

Harmony Central's MIDI resources (classic source)

Interactive web site regarding instrument frequency ranges and timbre (great tool for EQ)

Audio Engineering Society

Music Technology Consumer Sites

Sweetwater Music

Full Compass

gearhead site

Musician's Fiend (Whoops!) Musician's Friend

Get a Black Belt in Pro Tools!

Double Bass Links

International Society of Bassists homepage

OJBR, a scholarly online journal for the double bass, published by the International Society of Bassists

Professor Michael Wolf's Bass Resources page (great for getting MIDI file accompaniments)

Bob Gollihur's bass links page, the ultimate double bass links page!

Lemur Music, a great place to buy double bass stuff

Bob's House of Basses, another great place to buy double bass stuff

KC Strings, great double bass (as well as violin/viola/cello) shop in the Kansas City area

A great double bass shop based in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Barrie Kolstein's double bass shop on Long Island, NY, the place where my main instrument was born, an online bass community

Michael Hovnanian's bass blog

Jason Heath's double bass blog

Sites about me

myspace page (active since 2006), contains audio and some video of my work in the performance of double bass and electronics

myspace page (active since 2010), contains audio of my electronic compositions

University of Nebraska at Omaha Faculty Bio Page

University of Nebraska Omaha Music Technology Area page

Lincoln Symphony Musician Bio page

youtube channel: UNOdoublebass

wikipedia page

linkedin page

College Music Society Profile Page (ADAMS)

Songstall Artist Profile and "Uncoiled Oscillations" purchase page

Google+ Profile Page

University of Nebraska Omaha