UNO Music Technology

at the University of Nebraska (Omaha)

In response to the emergence of technology in almost every aspect of the musical arts, the UNO Department of Music (in the College of Communication, Fine Arts, and Media) and the UNO School of Interdisciplinary Informatics (in the College of Information Science and Technology) collaboratively offer cutting-edge courses and programs in Music Technology. Classes are taught at the Strauss Performing Arts Center and the the Peter Kiewit Institute. Since 2007, the University of Nebraska at Omaha has boasted a NASM accredited undergraduate concentration in Music Technology (However, UNO has always recognized the importance of Music Technology and has been offering Music Technology courses for almost two decades.) More recently, UNO has added courses in multimedia and music informatics through the School of Interdisciplinary Informatics.

Bachelor of Music - Music Technology Concentration
The Music Technology Concentration within the Bachelor of Music program combines the rigorous training of a traditional university music program, a practical hands-on approach through real-life opportunities, and a digital audio curriculum that combines platform-independent core competencies with emerging technologies and aesthetics. The program instills the musical sensibilities of a classically and/or jazz trained musician and the technical savvy of a Digital Audio Specialist.

Bachelor of Arts - Music Technology Concentration
Similar to the BM program, the Music Technology Concentration within the Bachelor of Arts program also combines the rigorous training of a traditional university music program. The main difference from the BM program is that the BA program follows a liberal arts degree approach, allowing the student to focus less on professional musical training in order to focus more on academic coursework. The BA program will be enrolling its first students in the Fall semester of 2014.

Bachelor of Science - IT Innovation (Music Plan of Study)
With music technology as a declared curricular focus, the Bachelor of Science in IT Innovation allows tech-savvy musicians to combine the rigorous training of a traditional computer science/information science program with musical training. The forward-looking program prepares students for the continuously evolving profession of music technology in the music profession by instilling current hands-on skills in technology (ranging from computer programming to audio recording and everything in between), a 21st-century sensibility for innovation, problem solving, and entrepreneurship, and most importantly the ability to adapt to, be prepared for, and recognize new opportunities in a field that continues to undergo technological transformation.

Music Technology Courses at the University of Nebraska at Omaha

   MUS 2800: Sound Reinforcement
    MUS 2740: Music Technology Ensemble (Commercial Music and/or "Computer Music")
    MUS 3170: Introduction to Music Technology
    MUS 3180: Digital Synthesis and Music Programming
    MUS 4200: Audio Recording Techniques I
    MUS 4210: Audio Recording Techniques II
    MUS 4290: Technology Capstone Project
    ITIN 1100: Introduction to IT Innovation
    ITIN 3100/MUS 3100: Music Informatics
    ITIN 2150: Audio for Multimedia (Film and Video Games)
    ART 3000: Digital Media Production
    BRCT 2320: Television Production I
    BRCT 2370: Radio Production I
    CIST 1300: Intro to Web Development
    CIST 1400: Introduction to Computer Programming
    CIST 1100: Introduction to Computing

For more details on graduation requirements and official descriptions of courses, please check the current UNO Catalog or e-mail Jeremy Baguyos for a detailed and exact listing of graduation requirements.