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Performing works for double bass and electronics

Jeremy Baguyos (double bass) performs "Radio Sonata" by James Sellars

Jeremy Baguyos (double bass) performs "Yahaney Inlet" by McGregor Boyle

Jeremy Baguyos (double bass) performs "Synchronisms  No. 11" by Mario Davidovsky

Performing Classical Double Bass

J. Baguyos performs live at the Strauss Performing Arts Center
Concerto in E for Double Bass (1st movement) by Karl Ditters von Dittersdorf
Jeremy C. Baguyos, double bass
Barry Ford, conductor
University of Nebraska Omaha Chamber Orchestra
October 6, 2011

J. Baguyos performs live at the Strauss Performing Arts Center
World Premiere of a new double bass concerto
Part II of Naya Jeevan by Andrew Seager Cole
Jeremy C. Baguyos, double bass
James Saker, conductor
University of Nebraska Omaha Symphonic Wind Ensemble
December 7, 2012

Electronic compositions by Jeremy C. Baguyos

Performing on Jazz Bass

Special 2020 COVID-19 shelter-in-place video #1

Go here, for my old myspace music page of performances of other composers' works for double bass and electronics/computer.

Go here,, to hear and SEE the creative work of UNO students, guest artists, and myself in computer music activities at UNO.

"Uncoiled Oscillations" is no longer available at Songstall. Songstall  was a UK-based distributor who sold music downloads on behalf of niche artists. The CD is currently out-of-print. Copies of the CD can still be obtained by contacting Jeremy Baguyos directly. 


Featuring music for double bass and computer composed by Samuel Burt, Jeremy C. Baguyos, Andrew May, Andrew Cole, and Robert Hamilton. Guest performers are Robert Hamilton on computer and Chryssie Nanou on piano. 

1) Uncoiled Oscillations (2004) by Samuel Burt 
2) One More Time With Feeling (2004) by Jeremy C. Baguyos 
3) Music For Double Bass and Computer STD I "SOF"(2005) by Andrew Seager Cole 
4) Ripped-up Maps (1997/2003) by Andrew May 
5) Museau de Singe (2003) by Robert Hamilton (with Chryssie Nanou, piano) 

Recorded and produced at the Computer Music Studios of the Peabody Institute of Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD, USA 
Additional recordings at CCRMA, Stanford University, California, USA 
Additional production at CCMIX, Paris, FRANCE 
Manufactured by Imatek (Germantown, Maryland, USA) in 2005  
Engineers: Andrew Cole, Samuel Burt, Robert Hamilton, Chryssie Nanou 
Producer: Jeremy and Sara Baguyos, OCD Media 

OCD Media / OObermusik 2005 
(This album was initially released on May 1, 2005, late 20th-century-style on a physical CD with paper liner notes and hard plastic standard jewel case.)